Econometrics Seminar

This seminar series is concerned with current research topics in the theory and applications of econometrics. Seminar organizers are Dante Amengual and Dmitry Arkhangelsky.

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First term

10 October 2023


Geert Mesters (UPF), Evaluating Policy Institutions -150 Years of US Monetary Policy (joint with Regis Barnichon).

14 November 2023


Danilo Cascaldi-Garcia (Federal Reserve Board), Pandemic Priors .

21 November 2023


Kirill Evdokimov (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Nonparametric Identification and Estimation with Non-Classical Errors-in-Variables (joint with Andrei Zeleneev).

4 December 2023


Guillaume Pouliot (University of Chicago), An Exact t-Test.

18 December 2023


Elena Manresa (New York University), Adversarial Method of Moments (joint with Ignacio Cigliutti).

Second term

20 February 2024


Francesca Molinari (Cornell University), Information Based Inference in Models with Set-Valued Predictions and Misspecification (joint with Hiroaki Kaido).

Third term

14 May 2024


Tatiana Komarova (University of Manchester), Multivariate ordered discrete response models (joint with William Matcham).

20 May 2024


José R. Zubizarreta (Harvard University), Anatomy of Event Studies: Hypothetical Experiments, Exact Decomposition, and Robust Estimation .

6 June 2024


joint AMIS - Kirill Borusyak (University of California, Berkeley), Design-Based Estimation of Structural Parameters, with an Application to Demand (joint with Peter Hull).