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Econometrics Workshop

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First term

18 September 2018:
Jinyong Hahn (UCLA), Estimation with Aggregate Shocks (joint with Guido Kuersteiner and Maurizio Mazzocco).
9 October 2018:
Francesco Bartolucci (Università di Perugia), Advances in Conditional Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Models for Binary Panel Data.
13 November 2018:
Tim Armstrong (Yale University), Sensitivity Analysis using Approximate Moment Condition Models (joint with Michal Kolesár).
26 November 2018:
Stephane Bonhomme (The University of Chicago), Minimizing Sensitivity to Model Misspecification (joint with Martin Weidner).

Second term

15 January 2019:
Ivan Fernandez-Val (Boston University), Distribution Regression with Sample Selection, with an Application to Wage Decompositions in the UK (joint with Victor Chernozhukov and Siyi Luo).
12 February 2019:
Martin Weidner (UCL), Nuclear Norm Regularized Estimation of Panel Regression Models (joint with Hyungsik Roger Moon).
5 March 2019:
Raffaele Saggio (University of British Columbia), Leave-out Estimation of Variance Components (joint with Patrick Kline and Mikkel Sølvsten).
12 March 2019:
Ayse Özgür Pehlivan (Bilkent University), Supply Function Competition and Exporters: Nonparametric Identification and Estimation of Productivity Distributions and Marginal Costs (joint with Quang Vuong).

Third term

23 April 2019:
Stanislav Anatolyev (New Economic School), Weak (but relevant) Instrument Robust t and Wald Tests (joint with Olga Kuzmina).
14 May 2019:
Juan Carlos Escanciano (UC3M), Optimal Linear Instrumental Variables Approximations (joint with Wei Li).
21 May 2019:
Roberto León-González (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan), Multivariate Stochastic Volatitlity with Co-Heteroscedasticity (joint with Joshua Chan, Arnaud Doucet and Rodney W. Strachan).
4 June 2019:
Mingli Chen (The University of Warwick), Modelling Networks via Sparse Beta Model (joint with Kengo Kato and Chenlei Leng ).


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