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Madrid Macroeconomics Workshop (MadMac)

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First term

5 October 2018:
Evi Pappa (UC3M), Sentimental Business Cycles (joint with Andresa Lagerborg and Morten Ravn).
26 October 2018:
Michele Tertilt (University of Mannheim), Regulating Consumer Credit with Over-Optimistic Borrowers (joint with Florian Exler, Igor Livshits and James MacGee).
9 November 2018:
Kjetil Storesletten (University of Oslo), Business Cycle during Structural Change: Arthur Lewis Theory from a Neoclassical Perspective (joint with Bo Zhao and Fabrizio Zilibotti).
30 November 2018:
Marti Mestieri (Northwestern University), The Natural Rate of Structural Change (joint with Joe Kaboski, Paco Buera and Danny OConnor).

Second term

25 January 2019:
Clara Santamaria (CEMFI), Small Teams in Big Cities: Inequality, City Size, and the Organization of Production.
15 February 2019:
Francisco Alvarez-Cuadrado (McGill University), Selection and Absolute Advantage in Farming and Entrepreneurship: Microeconomic Evidence and Macroeconomic Implications (joint with Francesco Amodio and Markus Poschke).
8 March 2019:
David Dorn (University of Zurich), The Fall of the Labor Share and the Rise of Superstar Firms.
15 March 2019:
Jacob Short (University of Western Ontario), Demographic Origins of the Decline in Labor s Share (joint with Andrew Glover).
29 March 2019:
Rody Manuelli (University of Minnesota), Endogenous Debt Maturity: Liquidity Risk vs. Default Risk (joint with Juan M. Sánchez).

Third term

10 May 2019:
Ruediger Bachmann (University Notre Dame), Uncertainty and Change: Survey Evidence on Firms Subjective Beliefs (joint with Kai Carstensen, Stefan Lautenbacher and Martin Schneider ).
24 May 2019:
Max Dvorkin (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Fed), Occupational Choice and the Dynamics of Human Capital, Inequality and Growth (joint with Alexander Monge-Naranjo).
31 May 2019:
/ Banking and Finance Dean Corbae (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Employer Credit Checks: Poverty Traps versus Matching Efficiency (joint with Andrew Glover).


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