Applied Microeconomics Seminar (AMiS)

This seminar series covers research topics in empirical microeconomics, including (but not restricted to) development economics, political economy, labor economics, and urban economics. Seminar organizers are Yarine Fawaz, Diego Puga and Tom Zohar.

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First term

21 September 2023


Amanda Agan (Rutgers University), Removing the Mark: Labor Market Impacts of Criminal Record Remediation.

28 September 2023


Luigi Pascali (UPF), The Dawn of Civilization: Metal Trade and the Urban Revolution (joint with Matthias Flückiger, Mario Larch and Markus Ludwig).

2 November 2023


Pedro Rey Biel (ESADE), Ideological Bias Prevents Evidence-Based Policy Adoption: Experimental Evidence from Local Policy Makers.

15 November 2023


Treb Allen (Dartmouth College), The Topography of Nations .

23 November 2023


Erika Deserranno (Bocconi Universit), Gender Differences in Worker Response to the Minimum Wage (joint with Decio Coviello and Nicola Persico).

30 November 2023


Gerard Padró-i-Miquel (Yale University), Competitive Capture of Public Opinion (joint with Ricardo Alonso).

Second term

22 February 2024


CANCELLED Heather Sarsons (University of British Columbia), Moving to Opportunity, Together (joint with Seema Jayachandran, Lea Nassal, Matt Notowidigdo, Marie Paul, and Elin Sundberg).

29 February 2024


Jason Sockin (IZA), Will I Ever Be Satisfied? Job Quality and Unionization.

21 March 2024


Nagore Iriberri (Universidad del País Vasco), Women in Editorial Boards: An Investigation of Female Representation in Top Economic Journals .

Third term

19 April 2024


joint MadMac - Costas Meghir (Yale University), Earnings Dynamics and Firm-Level Shocks (joint with Benjamin Friedrich, Lisa Laun and Luigi Pistaferri).

9 May 2024


Jorge de la Roca (University of Southern California), Skill Allocation and Urban Amenities in the Developing World (joint with Andrii Parkhomenko and Daniel Vela´squez-Cabrera).

23 May 2024


Carolina Arteaga (University of Toronto), The Political Consequences of the Opioid Epidemic (joint with Victoria Barone).

6 June 2024


joint Econometrics Seminar - Kirill Borusyak (University of California, Berkeley), Design-Based Estimation of Structural Parameters, with an Application to Demand (joint with Peter Hull).

13 June 2024


Léa Bou Sleiman (National University of Singapor and NBER), Displacing Congestion: Evidence from Paris.

26 June 2024


joint FIRMS - Tomás Domínguez-Iino (University of Chicago), TBA.