Banking and Finance Seminar

In this seminar series reputed researchers in financial economics and banking present their recent research. Seminar organizers are Dante Amengual and Javier Suarez.

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6 November 2023


Saleem Bahaj (UCL), The Cross-border Effects of Bank Capital Regulation (joint with Frederic Malherbe).

20 November 2023


Javier Gil-Bazo (UPF & BSE), Social Media as a Bank Run Catalyst (joint with J. Anthony Cookson, Corbin Fox, Juan F. Imbet and Christoph Schiller).

27 November 2023


José Azar (IESE Business School), Common Ownership in Labor Markets (joint with Xin Dai, Yue Qiu and Aaron Sojourner).

28 November 2023


Juan Miguel Londoño (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System), The Price of Macroeconomic Uncertainty: Evidence from Daily Option Expirations (joint with Mehrdad Samadi).

Second term

4 March 2024


Toni Ahnert (ECB), Central Bank Digital Currency and Financial Stability (joint with Peter Hoffmann, Agnese Leonello and Davide Porcellacchia).

11 March 2024


Gyoengyi Loranth (Universität Wien), Financing and Resolving Banking Groups (joint with Albert Banal-Estañol and Julian Kolm).

Third term

8 April 2024


Svetlana Bryzgalova (London Business School), Macro Strikes Back: Term Structure of Risk Premia and Market Segmentation (joint with Jiantao Huang and Christian Julliard).

22 April 2024


Martin Oehmke (LSE), Margins as Canaries in the Coalmine.

6 May 2024


Juanita Gonzalez-Uribe (LSE), Entrepreneurial Capabilities and the Broader Role of Venture Capital Due Diligence (joint with Robyn Klingler-Vidra, Su Wang and Xiang Yin).