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Graduate Program in Economics and Finance

Applications for the Master in Economics and Finance and the Doctoral Program in Economics are now open. The deadline to be eligible for funding is 14 February 2019. Applications will be reviewed until 16 May 2019 or when the programs reach capacity (whichever occurs first).

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Selected recent publications

  • Monica Martinez-Bravo, Priya Mukherjee and Andreas Stegmann,
    The Non-Democratic Roots of Elite-Capture: Evidence from Soeharto Mayors in Indonesia,Econometrica, 85 (6) (2017), 1991-2010.
  • Laia Calvó-Perxas, Josep Garre-Olmo, Howard Litwin, Pedro Mira, Oriol Turró-Garriga and Joan Vilalta-Franch,
    What seems to matter in public policy and the health of informal caregivers? A cross-sectional study in 12 European countries,PLOS ONE, 13 (2018), .
  • Xavier Giné, Monica Martinez-Bravo and Marian Vidal-Fernández,
    Are Labor Supply Decisions Consistent with Neoclassical Preferences? Evidence from Indian Boat Owners,Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 142 (2017), 331-347.
  • Manuel Arellano and Stéphane Bonhomme,
    Quantile Selection Models with an Application to Understanding Changes in Wage Inequality,Econometrica, 85 (2017), 1-28.

Quick links & agenda

February 2019

20 March 2019 (13:30)

Lunchtime Seminar

Rosario Crinò (Catholic University of Milan) presents Firms and Economic Performance: A View from Trade (joint with A. Bonfiglioli and G. Gancia)

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21 March 2019 (13:30)

Empirical Microeconomics Workshop

Nick Tsivanidis (UC Berkeley and Dartmouth College) presents The Aggregate and Distributional Effects of Urban Transit Infrastructure: Evidence from Bogota s TransMilenio

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27 March 2019 (13:30)

FIRMS Workshop

Martin Hackmann (UCLA) presents Patient vs. Provider Incentives in Long Term Care

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