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PhD Workshop

First term

4 November 2019:
Tatiana Rosá (CEMFI), Cooperation and Competition in Innovation: the development of telecommunication technologies. [Job market talk]
7 November 2019:
Juan Carlos Ruiz (CEMFI), Financial Frictions, Firm Dynamics and the Aggregate Economy: Insights from Richer Productivity Processes. [Job market talk]
13 November 2019:
Jorge Abad (CEMFI), Breaking the sovereign-bank nexus. [Job market talk]
19 November 2019:
Dominic Cucic (CEMFI), Corporate Investment and Cash Holdings under Financing Shocks. [Job market talk]
22 November 2019:
Tincho Almuzara (CEMFI), Heterogeneity in Transitory Income Risk. [Job market talk]
2 December 2019:
Miguel Ruiz (CEMFI), War and internally displaced persons in Iraq: Forced Displacement Geographical Network Analysis. [Job market talk]
4 December 2019:
Alexandro Ruiz (CEMFI), Market Structure and Common Ownership: Evidence from the US Airline Industry. [Job market talk]


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