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Job Market Candidates

Diego Astorga

Ph.D. candidate at CEMFI

Fields: Economic Development, Applied Economics and International Trade

Advisor: Paula Bustos

E-mail: d.astorga@cemfi.edu.es

Andrés Gago García

Ph.D. candidate at CEMFI

Fields: Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics, Public Policy Evaluation

Advisor: Guillermo Caruana

E-mail: andres.gago@cemfi.edu.es

Borja Petit

Ph.D. candidate at CEMFI

Fields: Macroeconomics and Labor Economics

Advisor: Nezih Guner and Josep Pijoan-Mas

E-mail: bpetit@cemfi.edu.es

Andreas Stegmann

Ph.D. candidate at CEMFI

Fields: Political Economy, Economic Development

Advisor: Monica Martinez-Bravo

E-mail: stegmann@cemfi.edu.es

Placement Coordinators: Nezih Guner (nezih.guner@cemfi.es), Enrique Sentana (sentana@cemfi.es)


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