Madrid Macroeconomics Seminar (MadMac)

This seminar series covers topics in macroeconomics. Seminar organizers are Sebastián Fanelli and Federico Kochen.

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First term

6 October 2023


Manolis Galenianos (Royal Holloway, University of London), Market Power in Credit Markets (joint with Tzuo Hann Law and Jaromir B. Nosal).

20 October 2023


Ezra Oberfield (Princeton University), Inequality and Measured Growth .

27 October 2023


Giovanni Gallipoli (UBC-VSE), Consumption and Income Inequality across Generations (joint with Hamish Low and Aruni Mitra).

3 November 2023


Lidia Smitkova (University of Oxford), Beyond the Hump: Structural Change in an Open Economy .

10 November 2023


Alessandra Peter (New York University), Houses and Families across Countries (joint with Kurt Mitman, Monika Piazzesi, and Martin Schneider).

24 November 2023


Gianluca Violante (Princeton University), Job Amenity Shocks and Labor Reallocation (joint with Sadhika Bagga, Lukas Mann and Aysegul Sahin).

1 December 2023


David Weiss (Tel Aviv University), Women's Liberation, Household Revolution.

Second term

23 February 2024


Vincent Sterk (UCL), Optimal Monetary Policy during a Cost-of-Living Crisis (joint with Alan Olivi and Dajana Xhani).

1 March 2024


Isaac Baley (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Lumpy Forecasts (joint with Javier Turén).

8 March 2024


MariaCristina De Nardi (University of Minnesota), Why do Couples and Singles Save During Retirement? Household Heterogeneity and its Aggregate Implications (joint with Eric French, John Bailey Jones and Rory McGee).

13 March 2024


Tim Kehoe (University of Minnesota), Default and Interest Rate Shocks: Renegotiation Matters (joint with Victor Almeida, Carlos Esquivel, and Juan Pablo Nicolini).

15 March 2024


Seula Kim (Princeton University), Workers’ Job Prospects and Young Firm Dynamics .

Third term

5 April 2024


Elisa Giannone (CREI), Unpacking Moving: A Quantitative Spatial Equilibrium Model with Wealth (joint with Nuno Paixão, Xinle Pang and Qi Li).

12 April 2024


Gustavo Ventura (Arizona State University), Rules and Regulations, Managerial Time and Economic Development (joint with M. Nazim Tamkoç).

19 April 2024


joint AMiS - Costas Meghir (Yale University), Earnings Dynamics and Firm-Level Shocks (joint with Benjamin Friedrich, Lisa Laun and Luigi Pistaferri).

10 May 2024


Iacopo Varotto (Banco de España), Defensive practices and TFP .

17 May 2024


Tasso Adamopoulos (York University), Trade Risk and Food Security (joint with Fernando Leibovici).

31 May 2024


Yongseok Shin (Washington University in St. Louis), Is Software Eating the World? (joint with Sangmin Aum).

14 June 2024


Luca Mazzone (IMF), Human Capital Ladders, Cyclical Sorting, and Hysteresis (joint with Edoardo Maria Acabbi and Andrea Alati).

21 June 2024


Jesse Schreger (Columbia Business School), A Framework for Geoeconomics (joint with Christopher Clayton and Matteo Maggiori).