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Empirical Microeconomics Workshop (formerly, PEW)

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First term

6 October 2020:
Imran Rasul (UCL), How Do Workers and Firms Search and Match in Low-income Labour Markets? Evidence from a Six-Year Labor Market Experiment in Uganda (joint with Oriana Bandiera, Vittorio Bassi, Robin Burgess, Munshi Sulaiman and Anna Vitali ).
15 October 2020:
Juliana Londoņo-Velez (UCLA), Taxing Wealth in the Developing World: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Colombia.
22 October 2020:
Diana Moreira (UC Davis), How Research Affects Policy: Experimental Evidence from 2150 Brazilian Municipalities.
12 November 2020:
Felipe Valencia Caicedo (UBC), The Long Shadow of the Spanish Civil War (joint with Ana Tur-Prats).

Third term

8 April 2021:
Geoff Boeing (University of Southern California), Street Network Models and Indicators for Every Urban Area in the World.
15 April 2021:
Matt Lowe (UBC), Religious Revival and Social Order.
22 April 2021:
Fernando Ferreira (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania), Estimating Preferences for Neighborhood Amenities Under Imperfect Information (joint with Maisy Wong).
29 April 2021:
Cory Smith (Dartmouth College), TBA.
6 May 2021:
Chris Roth (The University of Warwick), Interregional Contact and National Identity (joint with Manuel Bagues).
3 June 2021:
Ana Lamo (ECB), TBA.
10 June 2021:
Vicky Fouka (Stanford University), TBA.
17 June 2021:
Emanuele Colonnelli (Chicago Booth), TBA.


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