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Job Market Workshop

Second term

12 January 2021:
Christophe Bruneel-Zupanc (TSE), Discrete-Continuous Dynamic Choice Models: Identification and Conditional Choice Probability Estimation.
13 January 2021:
Gustavo de Souza (University of Chicago), The Labor Market Consequences of Appropriate Technology.
14 January 2021:
Liyang Sun (MIT), Empirical Welfare Maximization with Constraints.
15 January 2021:
Tom Zohar (Stanford University), Out of Labor and Into the Labor Force? The Role of Abortion Access, Social Stigma, and Financial Constraints.
18 January 2021:
Lukas Hoesch (UPF), Specification Tests Robust to Multiple Instabilities.
19 January 2021:
Jasmine Hao (University of British Columbia), Building up Trust in a Dynamic Game: A study on Collusive Price-fixing in the Chilean Pharmaceutical Retail industry.
20 January 2021:
Simon Rother (University of Bonn), The Role of Social Networks in Bank Lending.
21 January 2021:
Andrea Fabiani (UPF), Monetary Policy and Corporate Debt Maturity.
22 January 2021:
Nicola Fontana (LSE), Backlash against Airbnb: Evidence from London.
25 January 2021:
Elisa Macchi (University of Zurich), Worth Your Weight: Experimental Evidence on the Benefits of Obesity in Low-Income Countries.
26 January 2021:
Max Kellogg (University of Chicago), Household Self-Insurance and the Value of Disability Insurance in the United States.
27 January 2021:
Alejandro Sanchez Becerra (University of Pennsylvania), Spillovers, Homophily, and Selection into Treatment: The Network Propensity Score.
28 January 2021:
Miguel Zerecero (Toulouse School of Economics), The Birthplace Premium.
29 January 2021:
Silvia Vannutelli (Boston University), From Lapdogs to Watchdogs: Random Auditor Assignment and Municipal Fiscal Performance in Italy.
1 February 2021:
Milena Wittwer (Stanford University), Centralizing Over-the-counter Markets?.


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