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FIRMS Workshop

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First term

26 September 2018:
Alessandro Gavazza (LSE), Regulatory Intervention in Consumer Search Markets: The Case of Credit Cards (joint with Manolis Galenianos).
7 November 2018:
Mar Reguant (Northwestern University), Mitigating Emissions Leakage in Incomplete Carbon Markets (joint with Meredith L. Fowlie).
21 November 2018:
Harry Di Pei (Northwestern University), Trust and Betrayals Reputation Building and Milking without Commitment.

Second term

23 January 2019:
Johannes Schneider (UC3M), Managing a Conflict (joint with Benni Balzer).
6 March 2019:
Martín González Eiras (University of Copenhagen), Cooperation and Retaliation in Legislative Bargaining (joint with Agustín Casas).
27 March 2019:
Martin Hackmann (UCLA), Patient vs. Provider Incentives in Long Term Care.

Third term

2 April 2019:
CANCELLED Rohini Somanathan (Delhi School of Economics), Meritocracy in the Face of Group Inequality (joint with Rajiv Seth).
10 April 2019:
Salvatore Piccolo (Universitá degli Studi di Bergamo), Vertical Contracting with Endogenous Market Structure (joint with Marco Pagnozzi and Markus Reisinger).
24 April 2019:
Claudia Robles (LSE), Competition and Incentives in Mortgage Markets: The Role of Brokers.
30 May 2019:
Alexander Galetovic (Universidad de los Andes), Renegotiations and Corruption in Infrastructure: The Odebrecht Case (joint with Nicoás Campos, Eduardo Engel and Ronald D. Fischer).
5 June 2019:
Yan Chen (University of Michigan), Motivating Contributions to Public Information Goods: A Personalized Field Experiment on Wikipedia (joint with Rosta Farzan, Robert Kraut, Iman YeckehZaare and Ark Fangzhou Zhang).


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