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Madrid Macroeconomics Workshop (MadMac)

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First term

27 September 2019:
Pau Roldan (Banco de España), International Trade and Innovation Dynamics with Endogenous Markups (joint with Laurent Cavenaile and Tom Schmitz).
4 October 2019:
Boragan Aruoba (University of Maryland), Housing Wealth, Credit Constraints and Consumption (joint with R. Elul and S. Kalemli-Ozcan).
10 October 2019:
Gabriel Zucman (UC Berkeley), The Missing Profits of Nations (joint with Thomas Tørsløv and Ludvig S. Wier).
18 October 2019:
Morten Ravn (UCL), (S)Cars and the Great Recession (joint with Orazio Attanasio and Kieran Larkin).
15 November 2019:
Fabien Postel-Vinay (UCL), A Structural Analysis of Health and Labor Market Trajectories (joint with Grégory Jolivet).
29 November 2019:
Pooya Molavi (MIT), Macroeconomics with Misspecification and Learning: A General Theory and Applications.

Second term

21 February 2020:
Myroslav Pidkuyko (Banco de España), The Long-Run Effects of Marginal Tax Changes across Time (joint with Patrick Macnamara and Raffaele Rossi).
6 March 2020:
Marta Santamaria (The University of Warwick), Borders within Europe (joint with Jaume Ventura and Ugur Yesilbayraktar).


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