Empirical Microeconomics Workshop (formerly, PEW)

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First term

21 October 2021


Online - Yana Gallen (University of Chicago), The Labor Market Returns to Delaying Pregnancy (joint with Juanna Schrøter Joensen and Gregory Veramendi).

11 November 2021


Online - Victor Lavy (University of Warwick), Gifted Children Programs' Short and Long-Term Impact: Higher Education, Earnings, and the Knowledge-Economy (joint with Yoav Goldstein).

18 November 2021


Online - Allan Hsiao (University of Chicago), Coordination and Commitment in International. Climate Action: Evidence from Palm Oil .

25 November 2021


Hybrid - Sonia Bhalotra (University of Warwick), Job Displacement, Unemployment Benefits and Domestic Violence (joint with Diogo G. C. Britto, Paolo Pinotti and Breno Sampaio).

Second term

17 February 2022


Hybrid - Agustin Casas (CUNEF), Checks and Balances and Nation Building: The Spanish Constitutional Court and Catalonia (joint with Federico Curci and Antoni De Moragas).

24 February 2022


Hybrid - Analia Schlosser (Tel Aviv University), Fostering Soft Skills in Active Labor Market Programs: Evidence from a large-scale RCT (joint with Yannay Shanan).

24 March 2022


Hybrid - Nano Barahona (UC Berkeley), Equilibrium Effects of Food Labeling Policies (joint with Cristóbal Otero, Sebastián Otero and Joshua Kim).

Third term

7 April 2022


Hybrid - Nina Roussille (UC Berkeley), Worker Beliefs About Outside Options (joint with Simon Jäger, Christopher Roth and Benjamin Schoefer).

26 April 2022


CANCELLED Onsite - Ghazala Azmat (Sciences Po), ICT and Student Learning.

28 April 2022


CANCELLED joint B&F Vicente Cuñat (LSE), Which Workers Suffer (or Benefit) from Firm-Level Uncertainty Shocks (joint with Andrea Caggese and Daniel Metzger).

5 May 2022


Online - Diana Van Patten (Yale School of Management), Voting on a Trade Agreement: Firm Networks and Attitudes Towards Openness.

19 May 2022


Onsite - Christopher Roth (University of Cologne), Stories, Statistics and Memory.

25 May 2022


joint FIRMS - Milena Almagro (Chicago Booth School of Business), Public Transit Potential (joint with Felipe Barbieri, Juan Camilo Castillo, Nathaniel Hickok, and Tobias Salz).

26 May 2022


Onsite - Horacio Larreguy (ITAM), Accountability Under Polarization (joint with José Ramón Enríquez, John Marshall, and Alberto Simpser).

2 June 2022


Online - Arizo Karimi (Uppsala University), Parental Inputs and Child Outcomes (joint with Daniel Avdic, Elin Boström, and Anna Sjögren).

9 June 2022


Onsite - Ruixue Jia (UCSD), The Web of Power: How Elite Networks Shaped War and China.

16 June 2022


Onsite - Jeffrey Lin (Philadelphia Fed), Expecting an Expressway (joint with Jeffrey Brinkman and Kyle Mangum).

6 July 2022


joint FIRMS by Tatiana Rosá (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile), Complementarities in Retirement Decisions Among European Couples.