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Empirical Microeconomics Workshop (formerly, PEW)

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First term

26 September 2019:
Keith Head (University of British Columbia), Global Giants and Local Stars: Market Concentration and its Consequences.
17 October 2019:
Costas Arkolakis (Yale University), General Equilibrium Indirect Effects in Space: Theory and Measurement (joint with Rodrigo Adao Federico Esposito).
30 October 2019:
Kamran Bilir (University of Wisconsin), Knowledge Diffusion Through Networks (joint with Treb Allen and Chris Tonetti).
31 October 2019:
Eduardo Morales (Princeton University), A Revealed-Preference Approach to Measuring Information Frictions in Migration Decisions (joint with Thomas Fujiwara and Charly Porcher).
21 November 2019:
Jan Eeckhout (ICREA-UPF and Barcelona GSE), Quantifying Market Power (joint with Jan De Loecker and Simon Mongey).
12 December 2019:
David Atkin (MIT), How Do We Choose Our Identity? A Revealed Preference Approach Using Food Consumption (joint with Eve Colson-Sihra and Moses Shayo).

Second term

13 February 2020:
Gabriel Ulyssea (University of Oxford), Informality and the Economic Effects of Mass Migration: Evidence from the Syrian refugees in Turkey.
26 March 2020:
CANCELLED Michael Waugh (NYU), The Welfare Effects of Encouraging Rural-Urban Migration (joint with David Lagakos and Mushfiq Mobarak).

Third term

16 April 2020:
Barbara Petrongolo (LSE), Economic Incentives, Home Production and Gender Identity Norms.
30 April 2020:
CANCELLED Victor Lavy (University of Warwick), TBA.
7 May 2020:
Gabriella Santangelo (University of Cambridge), TBA.
13 May 2020:
Ingo Isphording (IZA), The Value of a Peer (joint with Ulf Zölitz).
21 May 2020:
Seema Jayachandran (Northwestern University), Attending kindergarten improves cognitive but not socioemotional development in India (joint with Joshua T. Dean).
28 May 2020:
Esteban Rossi-Hansberg (Princeton University), TBA.
4 June 2020:
Noam Yuchtman (University of California Berkeley), TBA.


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