Econometrics Workshop

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First term

26 October 2021


joint MadMac Online - Christian Wolf (MIT), What Can Time-Series Regressions Tell Us About Policy Counterfactuals? (joint with Alisdair McKay).

16 November 2021


Online -Rodrigo Pinto (UCLA), Examining the Economic Content of Monotonicity Criteria in IV-models with Multiple Choices (joint with Moshe Buchinsky).

30 November 2021


Online - Iavor Bojinov (Harvard Business School), Design and Analysis of Switchback Experiments (joint with David Simchi-Levi and Jinglong Zhao).

Second term

10 March 2022


Onsite - Iván Fernández-Val (Boston University), Dynamic Heterogeneous Distribution Regression Panel Models, with an Application to Labor Income Processes (joint with Wayne Yuan Gao, Yuan Liao and Francis Vella).

22 March 2022


Onsite - Katerina Petrova (UPF), Uniform and Distribution-free Inference with General Autoregressive Processes.

Third term

22 April 2022


joint MadMac Lucciano Villacorta (Banco Central de Chile), Production, Investment and Wealth Dynamics under Financial Frictions: An Empirical Investigation of the Self-financing Channel (joint with Alvaro Aguirre and Matias Tapia).