Frequently asked questions

1. Can I apply to the CEMFI Summer School after the official deadline?

We strongly encourage prospective participants to apply before the official deadline. Most courses are filled with the applications received by then, and only courses for which there is extra availability will be offered beyond that date. Subsequent applications will be handled in the order of arrival.

2. I have a non-academic job and I am also a part-time professor or PhD student at a University. Is the academic fee applicable to me?

No. The academic fee is restricted to full-time academic participants.

3. Do I need to bring my own computer?

Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop, in order to carry out the coursework. CEMFI provides access to its wireless network and it is also part of the eduroam initiative.

4. What happens if a course cannot take place physically?

If due to unforeseen circumstances an in person course must take place online, all the admitted participants will be automatically transferred to the online one. Although any change will be announced as soon as possible, participants are strongly recommended to make fully refundable travel and accommodation arrangements. Those participants that are not willing to take the course online will be fully refunded if they notify it within a week of receiving the announcement.

5. What is the INVOICING DATA requested in the application form?

If your Company/University is paying for the course, in order to create an invoice we need its Fiscal/Tax Identification Number and its Official registration Number for tax purposes, sometimes called VAT Number or Fein (the CIF for Spanish institutions). If you pay for the course yourself use your Passport No. (or DNI in the case of Spaniards). You can find more information here.

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