Academic staff

Javier Suarez

Ph.D. in Economics, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 1994

Personal details



Javier Suarez

Research interests

Corporate finance, financial contracts, credit cycles, venture capital, banking theory, banking regulation

Selected publications

  • "Optimal Dynamic Capital Requirements", with C. Mendicino, K. Nikolov and D. Supera, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, 50 (2018), 1271 - 1297.
  • "How Excessive Is Banks Maturity Transformation?", with Anatoli Segura, Review of Financial Studies, 30 (2017), 3538-3580.
  • "The Procyclical Effects of Bank Capital Regulation", with Rafael Repullo, Review of Financial Studies, 26 (2013), 452-490.
  • "Deposit Insurance and Money Market Freezes", with Max Bruche, Journal of Monetary Economics, 57 (2010), 45-61.
  • "Incomplete Wage Posting", with C. Michelacci, Journal of Political Economy, 114 (2006), 1098-1123.
  • "Venture Capital Finance: A Security Design Approach", with R. Repullo, Review of Finance, 8 (2004), 75-108.
  • "Business Creation and the Stock Market", with C. Michelacci, Review of Economic Studies, 71 (2004), 459-481.
  • "Entrenchment and Severance Pay in Optimal Governance Structures", with A. Almazan, Journal of Finance, 58 (2003), 519-548.
  • "Endogenous Cycles in a Stiglitz-Weiss Economy", with O. Sussman, Journal of Economic Theory, 76 (1997), 47-71.