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Josep Pijoan-Mas

Ph.D. in Economics, University College London, 2002
Associate Professor with Tenure

Personal details


Quantitative macroeconomics, Macroeconomics I

Research interests

Precautionary savings, income and wealth inequality, labor supply and human capital accumulation, mortality and health, tax reforms, numerical methods

Selected publications

  • "Labor supply with job assignment under balanced growth," with Claudio Michelacci and Josep Pijoan-Mas, Journal of Economic Theory, 163 (2016), 110-140.

  • "Heterogeneity in Expected Longevities," with Josep Pijoan-Mas and Víctor Ríos-Rull, Demography, 51 (2014), 2075-2102.

  • "The Reservation Laws in India and the Misallocation of Production Factors," with Manuel García-Santana and Josep Pijoan-Mas, Journal of Monetary Economics, 66 (2014), 193-209.

  • "Intertemporal Labor Supply with Search Frictions," with Claudio Michelacci, Review of Economic Studies, 79 (2012), 899-931.

  • "Pricing Risk in Economies with Heterogeneous Agents and Incomplete Markets," with Josep Pijoan-Mas, Journal of the European Economic Association, 5 (2007), 987-1015.

  • "Precautionary Savings or Working Longer Hours?," with Josep Pijoan-Mas, Journal of the European Economic Association, 9 (2006), 326-352.

  • "Precautionary Savings and Wealth Distribution under Habit Formation," with A. Diaz, Josep Pijoan-Mas and V. Rios-Rull, Journal of Monetary Economics, 50 (2003), 1257-1291.


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