Liyang Sun

PhD in Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2021

Personal details



Liyang Sun

Research interests

Econometrics, Public Economics

Selected publications

  • "Double Robustness for Complier Parameters and a Semiparametric Test for Complier Characteristics", with Rahul Singh, Econometrics Journal, 27:1 (2024), 1-20.
  • "A Linear Panel Model with Heterogeneous Coefficients and Variation in Exposure", with Jesse M. Shapiro, Journal of Economic Perspectives, 36:4 (2022), 193-204.
  • "Inference with Many Weak Instruments", with Anna Mikusheva, The Review of Economic Studies, 89:5 (2022), 2663–2686.
  • "Estimating Dynamic Treatment Effects in Event Studies with Heterogeneous Treatment Effects", with Sarah Abraham, Journal of Econometrics, 225:2 (2021), 175-199.
  • "Weak Instruments in IV Regression: Theory and Practice", with Isaiah Andrews and James Stock, Annual Review of Economics, 11:1 (2019), 727-753.
  • "Implementing valid two-step identification-robust confidence sets for linear instrumental-variables models", Stata Journal, 18:4 (2018), 803–825.