Gerard Llobet

PhD in Economics, University of Rochester, 2000

Personal details



Gerard Llobet

Research interests

Innovation, Intellectual Property, Antitrust and Competition Policy

Selected publications

  • "Auctions with Privately Known Capacities", with Natalia Fabra, The Economic Journal, 133 (2023), 1106-1146.
  • "Preventing Zombie Lending", with Max Bruche, Review of Financial Studies, 27 (2014), 923-956.
  • "R&D in the Pharmaceutical Industry: A World of Small Innovations", with Beatriz Domínguez and Juan José Ganuza, Management Science, 55 (2009), 539-551.
  • "Rewarding Sequential Innovations: Prizes, Patents and Buyouts", with H. Hopenhayn and M. Mitchell, Journal of Political Economy, (2006), working paper.