Academic staff

Nezih Guner

PhD in Economics, University of Rochester, 2000

Personal details



Nezih Guner

Research interests

Macroeconomics, Labor Economics

Selected publications

  • "Child-Related Transfers, Household Labor Supply, and Welfare", with Remzi Kaygusuz and Gustavo Ventura, Review of Economic Studies, 87 (5) (2020), 2290–2321.
  • "Heterogeneity and Government Revenues: Higher Taxes at the Top?", with Martin Lopez-Daneri and Gustavo Ventura, Journal of Monetary Economics, 80 (2016), 69-85.
  • "Firm Dynamics, Job Turnover, and Wage Inequality in an Open Economy", with Kerem Cosar and James Tybout, American Economic Review, 106 (3) (2016), 625-63.
  • "Technology and the Changing Family: A Unified Theory of Marriage, Divorce, Educational Attainment and Married Female Labor-Force Participation", with Jeremy Greenwood, Georgi Kocharkov and Cezar Santos, American Economic Journal-Macroeconomics, 8 (1) (2016), 1-41.
  • "From Shame to Game in One Hundred Years: An Economic Model of the Rise in Premarital Sex and its De-Stigmatization", with Jesús Fernández-Villaverde and Jeremy Greenwood, Journal of European Economic Association, 12 (1) (2014), 25–61.
  • "Taxation and Household Labor Supply", with Remzi Kaygusuz and Gustavo Ventura, Review of Economic Studies, 79 (3) (2012), 1113–1149.
  • "Macroeconomic Implications of Size-Dependent Policies", with Gustavo Ventura and Xu Yi, Review of Economic Dynamics, 11 (4) (2008), 721-744.
  • "Love and Money: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Household Sorting and Inequality", with Raquel Fernandez and John Knowles, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 120 (1) (2005), 273-344.