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Samuel Bentolila

Ph.D. in Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1988

Personal details


Applied economics workshop, Economic policy workshop

Research interests

Labor economics, macroeconomics

Selected publications

  • "Two-Tier Labour Markets in the Great Recession: France Versus Spain," with Pierre Cahuc, Juan J. Dolado and Thomas Le Barbanchon, Economic Journal, 122 (2012), F155-F187.

  • "Unemployment Duration, Benefit Duration, and the Business Cycle," with M. Arellano and O. Bover, Economic Journal, 112 (2002), 223-265.

  • "Labour Flexibility and Wages: Lessons from Spain," with J. J. Dolado, Economic Policy, 18 (1994), 55-99.

  • "The Macroeconomic Impact of Flexible Labor Contracts, with an Application to Spain," with G. Saint-Paul, European Economic Review, 36 (1992), 1013-1047.

  • "Firing Costs and Labor Demand: How Bad Is Eurosclerosis?," with G. Bertola, Review of Economic Studies, 54 (1990), 381-402.


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