Conference on Innovation

and Industrial Organization

November 30 and December 1, 2017


November 30

15:30-17:30 Session 1: Patents
The Diffusion of New Institutions: Evidence from Renaissance Venice’s Patent System” by Alberto Galasso (University of Toronto), co-authored with Stephano Comino (University of Udine) and Clara Graziano (University of Udine).
Discussant: Eduardo Melero (UC3M).
“The impact of IP regime changes on university patenting and commercialization in Europe” by Catalina Martínez (IPP-CSIC), co-authored with Valerio Sterzi (University of Bordeaux).
Discussant: Marco Giarratana (IE).
Coffee Break
Session 2: Search and Product Design
Beliefs and Consumer Search in a Vertical Industry” by Sandro Shelegia (UPF), co-authored with Maarten Janssen (University of Vienna).
Discussant: Natalia Fabra (UC3M)
Targeted Product Design: Locating inside the Salop circle” by Guillermo Caruana (CEMFI), co-authored with Vicente Cuñat (LSE) and Heski Bar-Isaac (University of Toronto).
Discussant: Ángel López (UAB)
20:30-22:30 Conference Dinner

December 1

9:30- 11:30
Session 3: Telecommunications
From Network Neutrality to Data Neutrality: A Techno-Economic Framework and Research Agenda” by Jan Kraemer (Universität Passau), co-authored with Robert Easley (University of Notre Dame) and Hong Guo (University of Notre Dame).
Discussant: Íñigo Herguera (ICAE and UCM).
Models for individual adoption of eCommerce, eBanking and eGovernment in Spain by Teodosio Pérez Amaral (UCM), co-authored with Teresa Garín-Muñoz (UNED), Rafael López (UCM), Iñigo Herguera García (ICAE and UCM) and Angel Valarezo (ICAE and UCM).
Discussant: Raquel Carrasco (UC3M).
Coffee Break
Session 4: Innovation and Standards
“R&D Incentives in Two-Sided Markets” by Jay Pil Choi (Michigan State University).
Discussant: Juanjo Ganuza (UPF).
The Inverse Cournot Effect in Royalty Negotiations with Complementary Patents” by Gerard Llobet (CEMFI), co-authored with Jorge Padilla (Compass Lexecon).
Discussant: Marco Celentani (UC3M)

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