Guido Imbens delivers a public lecture at CEMFI

24 March 2023

Guido Imbens, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2021, delivered a public lecture at CEMFI. His presentation "Causality and the Credibility Revolution", illustrated the developments in econometric methods for causal inference and their contribution to public policy evaluation.

Guido Imbens is an economist and a professor at Stanford University. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2021, along with Joshua Angrist and David Card, for their work in the fields of empirical microeconomics and econometrics.

Imbens has made significant contributions to the development of econometric methods for causal inference. His work focuses on using statistical methods to identify causal effects of policies, interventions, or treatments, both using observational data and experimental approaches.

Specifically, Imbens has developed methods such as instrumental variables, regression discontinuity designs, and matching methods, which help to identify causal relationships in observational data. These methods have been widely used in economics, public health, and other fields to evaluate the impact of policies and interventions.

Overall, Imbens' contributions to the fields of empirical microeconomics and econometrics have helped to improve the rigor and accuracy of empirical research and have had a significant impact on policy design and evaluation.

You can watch the recording of his public lecture here.