Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo
Summer School


11-15 August 2008, Santander, Spain


This Summer School will provide an introduction on current corporate governance issues from an economic, financial, and legal perspective. The focus will be on issues associated with external financing of firms, managerial discretion, and small investor protection. The following topics will be dealt with in depth:

  1. How to reconcile equal treatment of shareholders with adequate compensation for value-enhancing interventions?
  1. Who monitors the monitor?
  1. How to deal with the problem of potential collusion between management (the agent) and the delegated monitor (block-holder, auditor, director, underwriter, rating agency, analysts, etc.)?

The aim of the Summer School is both to develop the general principles of corporate governance, and to provide a comparative institutional perspective of corporate governance arrangements across countries. The lectures will also be based on several case studies.

The Summer School is intended for doctoral and post-doctoral researchers in economics, finance, and law. Participation is compulsory for Early Stage Researchers of the European Corporate Governance Training Network (ECGTN).

The Summer School is structured as follows. In the morning sessions, the faculty will give a set of lectures based on their forthcoming book Corporate Governance: Theory, Evidence and Policy. In afternoon sessions, the participants will have the opportunity to present their own research and discuss it with the faculty and other participants. In addition, there will be time for broader discussions and exchange of ideas, which may on occasions even lead to new joint research projects.

All sessions will be taught in English.