CEMFI Summer School

The CEMFI Summer School is aimed at providing academics and practitioners with an opportunity to update their training in fields within CEMFI's range of expertise. This year it offers courses in Econometrics, Macroeconomics, Banking, Corporate Finance, and Industrial Economics. Applications are welcome.

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  • 20/04/2017On April 24th, 25th and 26th, Josep Pijoan-Mas will deliver three master lectures on “New Technologies, Technical Change, and the Future of Employment” at the CaixaForum center in Madrid as part of the conference series of Cátedra “la Caixa” .
  • 18/04/2017Manuel Arellano appointed to the Scientific Committee of the Spanish Research Agency .
  • 06/04/2017CEMFI has been awarded a “María de Maeztu Unit of Excellence ” Distinction for 2017-2020. The award will provide 2 million euros in funding to build on the research initiatives that have established CEMFI as a leading graduate school in the field of economics.
  • 22/03/2017Applications for the CEMFI Summer School 2017 are now welcome. Its courses are announced here.

Selected recent publications

  • Agustin Casas, Yarine Fawaz and Andre Trindade,
    Surprise Me If You Can: The Influence of Newspaper Endorsements in US Presidential Elections,Economic Inquiry, 54 (2016), 1484-1498.
  • G. Azmat, Caterina Calsamiglia and N. Iriberri,
    Gender differences in response to big stakes,Journal of the European Economic Association, 14 (2016), 1372–1400.
  • Paula Bustos, Bruno Caprettini and Jacopo Ponticelli,
    Agricultural Productivity and Structural Transformation. Evidence from Brazil,American Economic Review, 106 (2016), 1320-1365.
  • Jorge De la Roca and Diego Puga,
    Learning by working in big cities,Review of Economic Studies, 84 (1) (2017), 106-142.

Quick links & agenda

April 2017

28 April 2017 (13:30)

MadMac Workshop

Anton Braun (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta) presents Old, Frail, and Uninsured: Accounting for Puzzles in the U.S. Long-Term Care Insurance Market (with Karen A. Kopecky y Tatyana Koreshkova)

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3 May 2017 (13:30)

Empirical Microeconomics Workshop

Anupam B. Jena (Harvard Medical School) presents "What Happens to Patients when Doctors Leave Town? Evidence from Patient Mortality when Cardiologists Attend National Scientific Conferences"

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4 May 2017 (13:30)

Empirical Microeconomics Workshop

Brian Knight (Brown University) presents The Limits of Propaganda: Evidence from Chavez's Venezuela (with Ana Tribin)

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