Claudio Michelacci

Ph. D. in Economics, London School of Economics, 1998
Professor (on leave), ERC Advanced Researcher

Personal details


Macroeconomics, International economics

Research interests

Macroeconomics, labor economics

Selected publications

  • “Does Idiosyncratic Business Risk Matter for Growth?,” with F. Schivardi, Journal of the European Economic Association, 11 (2013), 343-368.
  • “Intertemporal Labor Supply with Search Frictions,” with J. Pijoan, Review of Economic Studies, 79 (2012), 899-931.
  • “Financial Markets and Wages,” with V. Quadrini, Review of Economic Studies, 76 (2009), 795-827.
  • “Technology Shocks and Job Flows,” with D. Lopez-Salido, Review of Economic Studies, 74 (2007), 1195-1227.
  • “Why So Many Local Entrepreneurs?,” with O. Silva, Review of Economics and Statistics, 89 (2007), 615-633.
  • “Incomplete Wage Posting,” (2006), with J. Suarez, Journal of Political Economy, 114 (2006), .
  • “Business Creation and the Stock Market,” with J. Suarez, Review of Economic Studies, 71 (2004), 459-481.
  • “Low Returns in R&D Due to the Lack of Entrepreneurial Skills,” Economic Journal, 113 (2003), 207-225. Reprinted in “Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth,” Carree and Thurik (eds.), Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, and in “The Growth of Cities,” Z.J. Acs (ed.), Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.


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