Susanna Esteban

Ph. D. in Economics, University of Rochester, 2000

Personal details


Industrial Organization

Research interests

Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics

Selected publications

  • When do Secondary Markets Harm Firms?, with Jiawei Chen and Matthew Shum, American Economic Review, vol 103 (2013), no. 7, pp. 2911-34.
  • Nonlinear Pricing with Self-Control Preferences, with Eiichi Miyagawa and Matthew Shum, Journal of Economic Theory, vol 135 (2007), no 1, pp 306-336.
  • Durable Goods Oligopoly with Secondary Markets: the Case of Automobiles, with Matthew Shum, RAND Journal of Economics, 38 (2007) , pp 332–354.
  • Demand and Supply Estimation Biases of Omitting Durability, with Jiawei Chen and Matthew Shum, Journal of Econometrics, 147 (2) (2008).
  • Do Sales Tax Credits Stimulate the Automobile Market?, with Jiawei Chen and Matthew Shum, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 28 (2010) (EARIE issue), pp 397-402.


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