CEMFI Summer School

The CEMFI Summer School is aimed at providing academics and practitioners with an opportunity to update their training in fields within CEMFI's range of expertise. This year it offers courses in Econometrics, Macroeconomics, Banking, Corporate Finance, and Industrial Economics. Applications are welcome.

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Selected recent publications

  • Agustin Casas, Yarine Fawaz and Andre Trindade,
    Surprise Me If You Can: The Influence of Newspaper Endorsements in US Presidential Elections,Economic Inquiry, 54 (2016), 1484-1498.
  • Jorge De la Roca and Diego Puga,
    Learning by working in big cities,Review of Economic Studies, 84 (1) (2017), 106-142.
  • D. Martinez-Miera and Rafael Repullo,
    Search for Yield,Econometrica, 85 (2017), 351-378.
  • Manuel Arellano and Stéphane Bonhomme,
    Nonlinear Panel Data Estimation via Quantile Regressions,Econometrics Journal, 19 (2016), C61-C94.

Quick links & agenda

April 2017

25 May 2017 (13:30)

Empirical Microeconomics Workshop

Matt Notowidigdo (Northwestern University) presents Quantifying the Welfare Gains of Variety: A Sufficient Statistics Approach (with Kory Kroft, Jean-William Lalibertie y Rene Leal-Vizcaino)

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26 May 2017 (13:30)

Banking and Finance Seminar

Fernando Zapatero (USC Marshall School of Business) presents Skewness Seeking in a Dynamic Portfolio Choice Experiment (with Isabelle Brocas, Juan D. Carrillo y Aleksandar Giga)

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30 May 2017 (13:30)

Econometrics Workshop

Zhongjun Qu (Boston University) presents Likelihood Ratio Based Tests for Markov Regime Switching (with Fan Zhuo)

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