RESTour 2008

Madrid, 22-23 May 2008

CEMFI. Casado del Alisal, 5, 28014 Madrid

Thursday, 22 May 2008

10h-11h Welcome and Breakfast at CEMFI
11h-12h30 Greg Fischer (MIT):
              "Contract Structure, Risk Sharing, and Investment Choice"

12h30-14h Kyna Fong (Stanford):
              "Evaluating Skilled Experts: Optimal Scoring Rules for Surgeons"

14h-16h Sandwich lunch at CEMFI
16h-17h30 Ian Martin (Harvard):
              "The Lucas Orchard"

17h30-19h Ralph Ossa (LSE/Princeton):
              "A 'New Trade' Theory of GATT/WTO Negotiations"

20h30-23h Dinner at La Giralda, Claudio Coello 24

Friday, 23 May 2008

10h-11h30 Tomasz Strzalecki (Northwestern):
              "Axiomatic Foundations of Multiplier Preferences"

11h30-12h Coffee break at CEMFI
12h-13h30 Matthew Weinzierl (Harvard):
               "The Surprising Power of Age-Dependent Taxes"

13h30-15h30 Sandwich lunch at CEMFI