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Competencia y Estabilidad en el Sector Bancario
M. Lucena and R. Repullo (eds.), Ensayos sobre Economía y Política Económica – Homenaje a Julio Segura (Antoni Bosch, Barcelona), 2013, pp. 221-238.

The Countercyclical Capital Buffer of Basel III: A Critical Assessment (with Jesús Saurina)
M. Dewatripont and X. Freixas (eds.), The Crisis Aftermath: New Regulatory Paradigms (CEPR, London), 2012, pp. 45-67.

Monetary Policy Operations Experiences during the Crisis and Lessons Learnt
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Policies for Banking Crises: A Theoretical Framework
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El Misterio de la Política Monetaria: Una Reflexión Teórica
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