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Policy presentations

The Monetary Policy of the European Central Bank, International Economics Olympiad, Latvia, July 2021.

La Revisión de la Estrategia de Política Monetaria del BCE, Banco de España, Madrid, Noviembre 2020.

Competition and Banking Crises, XXX Jornadas de Economía Industrial, Alicante, September 2015.

Countercyclical Regulation?, International Atlantic Economic Society Conference, Madrid, April 2014.

Is Bank Regulation Supporting or Hindering the Recovery in Europe?, FMG Conference on the Global Reform of Financial Regulation and Architecture: How to Balance Safety and Efficiency, London, September 2013.

Competition and Stability in Banking: An Economist’s Perspective, International Bar Association Antitrust Conference, Madrid, June 2012.

The Elephant in the Basel Room, 25th Anniversary of the Financial Markets Group London School of Economics, January 2012.

Europa al borde del abismo, Conferencia sobre España en la Economía Mundial, Fundación Ramón Areces, Madrid, Diciembre 2011.

The New Regulatory Architecture A Critical Assessment of Basel III, LSE Financial Markets Group and Deutsche Bank Conference, London, October 2010.

Countercyclical Capital Buffers: A Critical Assessment of the Basel Proposal, CEPR Conference of the Future of Regulatory Reform, London, October 2010.

Regulating Systemic Liquidity Risk, Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and Committee for the Global Financial System Roundtable, Banque de France, Paris, October 2009.

The International Financial Crisis and the Future of Financial Regulation, LACEA Panel Session, Buenos Aires, October 2009.

Optimal Bank Capital Regulation, Forum on How to Design the New Global Financial Institutions, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, July 2009.