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“The Non-Democratic Roots of Elite-Capture: Evidence from Soeharto Mayors in Indonesia”

    (with Priya Mukherjee and Andreas Stegmann)

    Econometrica, November 2017, 85 (6), 1991-2010, PDF; Appendix A; Appendix B

    VoxDev Post, Link to Paper

“Are Labor Supply Decisions Consistent with Neoclassical Preferences? Evidence from Indian Boat Owners”

    (with Xavier Giné and Marian Vidal-Fernández)

    Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, October 2017, 142: 331-347.

    Working Paper, Published Paper

“The Local Political Economy Effects of School Construction in Indonesia”

    American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, April 2017, 9(2): 256–289.

    PDF, Online Appendix here, Video-summary by the AEA here

“The Role of Local Officials in New Democracies: Evidence from Indonesia”

   American Economic Review, April 2014, 104 (4), 1244–1287.

     PDF, Online Appendix here



Working Papers:

“In Vaccines we Trust? The Effects of CIA’s Vaccine Ruse on Immunization in Pakistan”

    (with Andreas Stegmann)

    (January 2019) CEMFI Working Paper No. 1713, PDF

    In the media: Tonic, The Guardian  

    Status: Submitted for publication

Social Fragmentation, Public Goods and Elections: Evidence from China

    (with Gerard Padró i Miquel, Nancy Qian, and Yang Yao)

    (December 2017)  PDF

    Status: Revise & Resubmit at the Journal of Public Economics

“The Rise and Fall of Local Elections in China: Theory and Empirical Evidence on the Autocrat’s Trade-off”

    (with Gerard Padró i Miquel, Nancy Qian, and Yang Yao)

    (November 2017) (NBER Working Paper 24032)  PDF

    Status: Submitted for publication

“Making Democracy Work: Formal Institutions and Culture in Rural China”

    (with Gerard Padró i Miquel, Nancy Qian, Yiqing Xu and Yang Yao)

    (June 2017)  PDF

    Status: Revise & Resubmit Journal of the European Economic Association

Selected Work in Progress:

“Political Power and Long-Run Development: Evidence from Brazil”

    (with Claudio Ferraz and Frederico Finan)

“Legacies of Non-Democratic Local Institutions: The Brazilian Case”

    (with Claudio Ferraz, Federico Finan, and Luis Meloni)