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Indonesia Data Repository


This website makes publicly available a number of datasets that we have collected for different research projects. You can find more about our research here.

How to cite these data?

    Martinez-Bravo, Monica and Andreas Stegmann (2018) “Indonesia Data Repository”



1. Backgrounds of Indonesian Mayors

These data contain information on the background characteristics of Indonesian district mayors that were appointed between 1994 and 1998 and those in office in the year 2009.


2. Appointment Dates of Indonesian Mayors

These data contain information on the appointment dates of Indonesian district mayors before and after Indonesia’s democratic transition.


3. Data on Legislative Elections 2004 and 2009

These data contain the electoral results for the legislative elections of 2004 and 2009 provided at the district level.


4. Data on Pilkada Elections

This dataset contains the electoral results for the first set of direct elections for mayors (pilkada) that took place between 2005 to 2008.


5. Economic Governance Survey

Firm-level survey on the quality of governance and business environment. These data were collected by KPPOD (Regional Autonomy Watch) and the Asia Foundation. The 2007 wavewas financed by USAID and the 2011wave was funded by AusAID/DFAT.

   (Data coming soon!)

How to merge the different datasets:

Each of the datasets listed above contains the variables district_nm and bps_id_2007 which are harmonized across datasets and can therefore serve as identifiers when merging the datasets.

Additional Data Sources:

In the file below we provide information about how to access additional datasets, such as the village census (PODES), the Socio-Economic survey (SUSENAS), as well as the INDO-DAPOER data collected by the World Bank.