Josep Pijoan-Mas


Contact details

address  Casado del Alisal 5, 28014 Madrid, Spain

email  pijoan [at] cemfi [dot] es

phone  +34 91 429 0551

Fax  +34 91 429 1056

Current Positions

Associate Professor of Economics, CEMFI

Research Fellow, CEPR

Curriculum Vitae:   Download PDF

Research interests: quantitative macroeconomics broadly defined

  1. Household decisions: consumption and savings, labor supply, health choices

  2. Inequality: wealth inequality, health and longevity inequality

  3. Economic growth: resource misallocation and aggregate productivity, structural change

  4. Public finance: aggregate implications of fundamental tax reforms

CEMFI building (at c/ Casado del Alisal 5, Madrid), two pictures more than 100 years apart