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Master Theses

CEMFI publishes two series of research papers: Working Papers and Master Theses.

The Master Theses series contains a selection of the best master theses submitted by the students who complete our master program.

  • [1701]

    Miguel Ruiz

    Bilingual education: Experience from Madrid


    Bilingual education programs promote students’ language proficiency and communicative competence in a language other than their own. Nowadays, bilingual programs are present worldwide responding to an increasing demand partially driven by the potential personal and economic benefits from being proficient in a foreign language. However, bilingual education increases the difficulty of learning academic content due to it being taught in a non-native language. To measure the importance of this effect, I utilize standardized test data and the Spanish-English bilingual program of Madrid. The findings show a small but significant negative impact of the program on the performance of students in English-taught content. The negative effect is stronger around the median of the student’s ability distribution.

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