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Graduate Program in Economics and Finance

Applications for the Master in Economics and Finance and the Doctoral Program in Economics are now open. The deadline to be eligible for funding is 14 February 2019. Applications will be reviewed until 16 May 2019 or when the programs reach capacity (whichever occurs first).

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Selected recent publications

  • Manuel Arellano, Richard Blundell and Stéphane Bonhomme,
    Earnings and Consumption Dynamics: A Nonlinear Panel Data Framework,Econometrica, 85 (2017), 693-734.
  • George J. Borjas and Joan Monras,
    The Labor Market Consequences of Refugee Supply Shocks,Economic Policy, 32 (2017), 361-413.
  • Gabriele Fiorentini, Alessandro Galesi and Enrique Sentana,
    A spectral EM algorithm for dynamic factor models,Journal of Econometrics, 205 (2018), 249-279.
  • Monica Martinez-Bravo, Priya Mukherjee and Andreas Stegmann,
    The Non-Democratic Roots of Elite-Capture: Evidence from Soeharto Mayors in Indonesia,Econometrica, 85 (6) (2017), 1991-2010.

Quick links & agenda

March 2019

25 February 2019 (13:30)

Banking and Finance Seminar

Andrei Kirilenko (Imperial College Business School) presents Speculative Floating Oil (joint with Anna Kruglova)

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28 February 2019 (13:30)

Empirical Microeconomics Workshop

Paula Bustos (CEMFI) presents Structural Transformation, Industrial Specialization, and Endogenous Growth (joint with Juan Manuel Castro Vincenzi, Joan Monras and Jacopo Ponticelli)

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5 March 2019 (13:30)

Econometrics Workshop

Raffaele Saggio (UC Berkeley) presents Leave-out Estimation of Variance Components (joint with Patrick Kline and Mikkel Sølvsten)

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