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CEMFI’s Unit of Internal Compliance

All members of the CEMFI community must adhere to our Code of Conduct . This document identifies the core ethical values of CEMFI and describes a set of rules of conduct aimed at achieving the highest ethical standards across all of our activities. CEMFI’s Internal Compliance Unit develops initiatives to raise awareness about specific issues that may affect the climate for work and study in our institution.

CEMFI Research Ethics Committee

All research conducted at CEMFI should be performed in accordance with CEMFI’s research ethics guidelines. The purpose of the ethical standards is to promote and facilitate the conduct of research in ways that respect the dignity and preserve the wellbeing of human research participants, and that maintain confidentiality of individual data. The research ethics guidelines apply to all CEMFI staff, including faculty, researchers, students, and administrative staff.

CEMFI's Research Ethics Committee is formed by three members, who are appointed by the Director for a period of three years. Its current members are: Nagore Iriberri (Universidad del País Vasco), who acts as Chair, José García-Montalvo (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), and Arturo Ribagorda (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid).

The Committee is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Formulate and periodically update CEMFI's research ethics guidelines, and make them available to CEMFI staff and the public at large.
  • Monitor the application of CEMFI’s research ethics guidelines.
  • Design the requirements and procedures for the ethics approval of research conducted at CEMFI.
  • Undertake the ethics evaluation of research that requires ethics approval, consulting external experts if needed.
  • Report on the results of ethics approval processes to the Director and to third parties.


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