Empirical Microeconomics Workshop (formerly, PEW)

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First term

21 September 2017:
Walker Hanlon (NYU Stern School of Business & NBER), Evolving Comparative Advantage in International Shipbuilding During the Transition from Wood to Steel.
19 October 2017:
Clement Imbert (University of Warwick), TBA.
16 November 2017:
Florian Oswald (Sciences Po), TBA.
30 November 2017:
Miguel Almunia (Warwick University), TBA.

Second term

15 February 2018:
Michel Serafinelli (University of Toronto), TBA.
8 March 2018:
Peter Arcidiacono (Duke University), TBA.

Third term

12 April 2018:
Hannes Schwandt (Universität Zürich), TBA.
19 April 2018:
Ulf Zoelitz (University of Zurich), TBA.
10 May 2018:
Lorenzo Caliendo (Yale School of Management), TBA.
17 May 2018:
Rafael Dix-Carneiro (Duke University), TBA.
24 May 2018:
Treb Allen (Dartmouth College), TBA.
31 May 2018:
Esteban Rossi-Hansberg (Princeton University), TBA.
14 June 2018:
Pablo Fajgelbaum (UCLA), TBA.


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